Children at the Center of our Efforts

While we place children at the center of our efforts, we know that children depend on the social and economic security of their families – and by security we mean reliable housing. One of the most fundamental needs of children is safe and secure housing.

The foreclosure crisis that manifested between 2007 and 2010 had a terribly disruptive affect on the stability and security of American families. Some communities were hit especially hard. And today, even in 2014-2015, the affects still linger. When a family loses its home – and its credit rating – the psychological affect on their children is devastating.

Math & Reading Scores 

Studies show that when a family loses its home, the math and reading scores of affected children drop by as much as if those children had missed school for an entire month! Aware of this, the board at Children’s H.E.L.P. determined to establish a new program addressing issues concerning Community Housing and focused on home revitalization – acquiring, revitalizing, and reselling to low- and moderate-income families and first-time homeowners.

Purpose and Scope of our Affordable Housing Initiative

Our Affordable Housing initiative exists to facilitate safe and affordable housing for low- and middle-income families and individuals. We have the financial capacity and administrative experience to purchase properties on an ongoing basis.

To date, we have focused on southern California’s Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County. Our local expertise enables us to spot opportunities when they arise. And as good stewards of the resources available to us, that’s of vital importance. Nevertheless, we could accomplish more.

What do we bring to the table? 

Success!  Our experience, skill, and access to construction labor enables us to quickly ramp up capacity – as well as provide JOBS. 

Click here to view the list of cities + zip codes for the above 10 counties.

Community Home Revitalization

Over the past 6 years, our Community Home Revitalization Program employed private investor funds to take advantage of opportunities caused by the housing crisis. They purchased dilapidated residential homes and condos – usually foreclosed REOs, or those with Notice of Default (in-foreclosure-process) short sales, and the occasional traditional sale when such an opportunity arose.  These distressed properties were usually either vacant or in various stages of disrepair. They then caused the strategic repairs to be completed bringing the homes to a high standard for sanitary and safe occupancy. They either re-sold or leased the properties to qualifying low- or middle-income families or individuals. Our Community Housing Revitalization Program is designed to strengthen the housing market by community and neighborhood re-development of vacant homes in the process of foreclosure. It will bolster the economy by using un- or under-employed skilled labor. And it will aid low- and middle-income families to provide affordable housing, thereby providing a better, more secure environment for children.

The Children’s H.E.L.P. Affordable Housing Initiative wants to collaborate with government agencies when and where working together will increase our access to resources and improve our efficiencies.

As a local housing provider, Children’s H.E.L.P. is working to establish relationships with H.U.D.’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), various FHA programs, and the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST). Where it would be helpful, we are prepared to work in cooperation with a Stabilization Trust Community Coordinator, if one oversees multiple sub-buyers in our geographic area.

REO Property Acquisition

As a local community buyer, we are already assisting financial institutions to facilitate the transfer of distressed, vacant, and  foreclosed property to qualifying families and individuals by introducing candidates to the many government programs available to qualifying buyers.

H.U.D./FHA can help us do more

We realize that we could accomplish even more if Children’s H.E.L.P. gains approval to access to such as NCST’s “First Look”, and REOMatch. We could also do more with 203(k) insured loans to purchase and fix distressed or abandoned homes. Our Affordable Housing Initiative proposes to benefit the communities we serve by applying our team’s administrative, management and reconstruction skills. We welcome the prospect of being approved to join the family of government-private sector partnerships.