Affordable Housing Initiative
Community Home Revitalization Program


To download and view Before & After photos of some of our completed Home Revitalization projects, click here:  C.HELP, Fixer Before-After Photos.

How We Manage Success – It Starts by Buying Right

Click here to learn about the risks associated with Investing in Foreclosures.

Title. A property bought at auction does not come with the protections of title insurance. Most real estate investors are not willing to take that risk. Buying REOs from a lender bank comes with the protection of title insurance – making them more desirable to a wider range of buyers.

Financing. Auction investing is a cash-only game and most buyers are not in the position to pay cash for a home. Children’s H.E.L.P. has access to an almost unlimited source of investor funds, thereby making it possible to purchase and carry a large number of foreclosed properties.  We also help low- and middle-income buyers with credit repair and credit counseling, and we help arrange purchase financing to buy our revitalized homes.

Occupant. We almost always invest in vacant properties. Very few buyers are interested in a home that comes with the built-in stress of evicting the current occupants – be they prior owners, or tenants.  We try to avoid our first step after closing being to contact the sheriff to kick someone out.  After all, that seems to conflict with our purpose of providing affordable housing!

Taxes – Our Nonprofit’s Advantage Over Private Investors

When a private investor sells a property within a year of purchase, the profit is classified as a short-term capital gain, which means it is taxed at a higher rate than if the investor keeps the property for a year or more. But Children’s H.E.L.P., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is exempt from such taxation. And that’s just one more thing that helps assure our Home Revitalization Program’s success.