Affordable Housing Initiative
Home Revitalization Program


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C.HELP, Lender’s Letter of Pre-approval + costs, Inverness Capital

C.HELP, Letter of Commitment, Barajas Family

C.HELP, PoF, Donor & Lender, Barajas Family

Alternative Sources

H.U.D. / FHA Programs


  • “The pooling of funds and capital from a large group of people who are all passionate about the cause.”–Danae Ringelmann, COO and Co-Founder of Indiegogo
  • “The act of converting ‘social capital’ into ‘actual capital’ by leveraging a community to make one big push or movement. —Alon Hillel-Tuch, CFO and Co-Founder of RocketHub
  • “The ability to reach out to a wide group of people to help fund a project, a company, or something you want to see happen.”–Steve Reaser, CEO of Funding Launchpad
  • “The ability of many individuals to fund a specific project or individual.”–Blake Coler-Dark, Investor Executive at Lending Club
  • “A way to raise capital and level the playing field for access to capital by including everyone who has an interest in helping to support a start up.”–Ruth Hedges, CEO of Crowdfunding Roadmap
  • “A new way to raise capital with an unlimited number of investors (or contributors)”Howard Leonhardt, Founder of California Stock Exchange

Crowdfunding gives people the opportunity to fund a project that they really believe in, without risking their entire savings for it. This engages a much wider group of people, who want to be in the forefront of great ideas but maybe only have $20 to contribute.

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